A typical Intraosseous Ameloblastoma - stock photo
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A typical Intraosseous Ameloblastoma

A female patient, 73 years old. When observed under the microscope, we can see that ameloblastoma consists of stroma and parenchyma. The stroma is represented by connective tissue containing vascular and cellular elements. The parenchyma consists of epithelial strands (cells), complexes that often grow beyond the tumor envelope. On the periphery of each cell, there are tall cylindrical cells with round or oval nuclei. Inwardly from the cylindrical cells, stellate cells are observed, which are interconnected by the processes of the cytoplasm, forming the so-called reticulated epithelium. This sequence of epithelial cells resembles the structure of the enamel organ of the tooth germ. Magnification ×200 with hematoxylin and eosin stain.

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