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Acute Phlebitis in legs

A male, 70 years old patient, came in for Color Doppler Flow Imaging examination. He felt severe pain, with heat in his right lower leg, just above the ankle, which started 3 days prior to examination & was progressing fast. He also suffered a small injury to the leg prior to the examination. As we can see on the photograph, the skin is trophically altered with livid blue-purple color, circularly covering the entire circumference of the lower leg, with an approximate width of 10 centimetres. The skin and lower legs are slightly edematous, painful to the touch and compression with a linear probe, initial ulcerations are visible as a complication of the inflammatory process of the superficial veins of the legs, which is triggered by standing blood in them. Also, rare pearly beaches come from lymph that drains from the interstitial tissue to the surface layer of the skin. On the medial side, an oval irregular formation of pale yellow color is observed, which represents the place of ulcer formation - the infected part of the skin.

Snezana Stojanovic

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