Aggressive Nodular Malignant Melanoma - Clark level IV - stock photo
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Aggressive Nodular Malignant Melanoma - Clark level IV

A 70-year-old man noticed changes in his left forehead skin (just above the upper eyelid) for the past three years. They have rapidly progressed over the past month and included occasional bleeding. He has been a heavy smoker for 55 years but has recently stopped. His soft tissue appears like an exophytic mass and grape/cauliflower, with an approximate diameter of 40 mm, raised above the skin up to 25-30 mm, with an irregular surface with ridges and incisions covered with yellowish-white crusts. An ulcerative mass with erythema and necrotic parts around the periphery is visible. A subsequent biopsy lab test determined the Breslow thickness of 10 mm. These Giant malignant melanomas are very rare and hard to detect until a biopsy and immunohistochemical lab tests are run. Fitzpatrick skin type (FST) phototype 2.

Snezana Stojanovic

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