AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma in the right axillary zone - stock photo
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AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma in the right axillary zone

A 48-year-old-male patient with a massive tumor with elements of necrosis in the right axillary zone- Burkitt lymphoma. He suffered from HIV (B20) for 20 months prior to the exam. The diagnosis was established on the basis of an immunohistochemical examination of the tumor biopsy and PET-CT and CT scans. Immunohistochemical study: CD30, Ber-H2 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); CD3, polyclonal - (negative reaction in tumor cells), +++ (positive reaction in T-lymphocyte); CD20cy, L26 +++ (positive reaction in tumor cells); Ki67, MIB-1+++ (positive reaction in 98% tumor cells); Bci2, bc12/100/D5 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); Mum 1/IRF4 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); Bcl6, P1F6+PG-B +++ (positive reaction in tumor cells); CyclinD1, P2D11F11 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); CD 10, 56C6 +…+++ (positive reaction in tumor cells); C-myc Ab-2 (9E10.3) +++ (positive reaction in tumor cells). Fitzpatrick skin type (FST) phototype 2.

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