AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma in the right axillary zone - stock photo
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AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma in the right axillary zone

A 48-year-old-male patient. Axial CT scan with contrast enhancement. In his right axillary zone, notice a massive tumor with elements of necrosis - Burkitt lymphoma. He suffered from HIV (B20) for 20 months prior to the exam. The diagnosis was established on the basis of immunohistochemical examination of the tumor biopsy, PET-CT and CT. Immunohistochemical study: CD30, Ber-H2 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); CD3, polyclonal - (negative reaction in tumor cells), +++ (positive reaction in T-lymphocyte); CD20cy, L26 +++ (positive reaction in tumor cells); Ki67, MIB-1+++ (positive reaction in 98% tumor cells); Bci2, bc12/100/D5 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); Mum 1/IRF4 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); Bcl6, P1F6+PG-B +++ (positive reaction in tumor cells); CyclinD1, P2D11F11 - (negative reaction in tumor cells); CD 10, 56C6 +…+++ (positive reaction in tumor cells); C-myc Ab-2 (9E10.3) +++ (positive reaction in tumor cells).

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