Ancient Monkey, Mesopithecus pentelicus - stock photo
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Ancient Monkey, Mesopithecus pentelicus

Mesopithecus (middle monkey) is an extinct genus of Old World monkey that lived in Europe and western Asia 7 to 5 million years ago. A recent study suggests that they are closely related to the snub-nosed monkeys and doucs. Mesopithecus resembled a modern macaque, with a body length of about 16 inches. It was adapted to both walking and climbing, possessing a slender body with long, muscular limbs and flexible fingers. Its teeth suggest that it primarily ate soft leaves and fruit. Lithograph print from a rare work by G.H.Schubert entitled, Illustrated Geology and Paleontology, 1886. This series was published from 1896 and is a great work on dinosaur fossils.

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