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Aortic valve reimplantation

The aortic valve-sparing reimplantation technique was originally developed by Dr Tirone David for patients with aortic valve incompetence and aneurysm of the ascending aorta. A 33-year-old male patient presented with acute DeBakey type 2 aortic dissection and severe acute aortic insufficiency. Ascending aortic replacement with aortic valve reimplantation (David I procedure) was performed. The excision of the coronary ostia, resection of aortic sinuses and mobilization of the aortic root was performed. Proximal anastomosis between the left ventricle outflow tract and the Dacron graft is completed. The aortic cuff, including the commissures, is reimplanted into the Dacron prosthesis with three #5-0 polypropylene sutures using the running technique (intraoperative photograph).

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