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Aortic valve reimplantation

The aortic valve-sparing reimplantation technique was originally developed by Dr Tirone David for patients with aortic valve incompetence and aneurysm of the ascending aorta. A 33-year-old male patient presented with acute DeBakey type 2 aortic dissection and severe acute aortic insufficiency. Ascending aortic replacement with aortic valve reimplantation (David I procedure) was performed. The excision of the coronary ostia, resection of aortic sinuses and mobilization of the aortic root was performed. Pledgeted mattress sutures of #2-0 braided polyester are passed below the aortic valve and inside to outside left ventricle outflow tract (LVOT) and then through the Dacron prosthesis (intraoperative photograph).

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