Bronchiectasis and Mycobacterium avium infection - stock photo
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Bronchiectasis and Mycobacterium avium infection

A male patient 71 years old, a long-term smoker, with intense productive cough, followed by expectoration of bloodless sputum. He suffers from continuous shortness of breath, typically associated with smoking. Bacteriological analysis of sputum confirmed the existence of Mycobacterium avium infection. On this CT scan, axial tomogram, lung window, we see reduced transparency of the lung parenchyma, the dominance in the lower lung fields in the form of blur, dirty rough parenchyma, similar to "ground glass" opacified, with a dilated and thick-walled bronchi of middle diameter - bronchiectasis, localized bilaterally. These dilated bronchi show thick walls - "finger in glove" sign. Rare subpleural thickenings are seen bilaterally.

Snezana Stojanovic

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