Cerebellum Metastasis due to breast cancer - stock photo
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Cerebellum Metastasis due to breast cancer

A 51-yeah-old-female patient. She suffered from left breast cancer for 20 months prior to the exam. This Coloured MRI scan shows a ring-enhancing left and right cerebellar hemisphere lesion, which is favoured to be intra-axial T1 hyperintense, and T2 hyperintense to grey matter. A faint susceptibility artefact is present in its rim, but there is no diffuse susceptibility blooming to suggest internal haemorrhage. The lesion demonstrates diffusion restriction. MR spectroscopy demonstrates an elevated lactate peak, with a reversal of the choline-creatine ratio. It causes significant adjacent T2/FLAIR hyperintensity, consistent with vasogenic edema. There is a mass effect with compression of the fourth ventricle/cerebellar vermis and rightward deviation of the superior medullary velum. The lateral and third ventricles are slightly larger than expected for age, suggesting mild obstructive hydrocephalus.

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