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Citizens of the Land of Mushrooms

Twelve of the most prominent citizens of the land of mushrooms are depicted in this early 20th century lithograph. All are edible except (9) the deadly Fly Mushroom. (4) Coral Clavaria and (8) Parchment Lacatarius are edible when perfect, but when imperfect they are slightly poisonous and should only be dealt with by experts. The other mushrooms are (1) Shaggy Pholiota, (2) Puff Ball, (3) Dog Cortinarius, (5) Red Clavaria, (6) Violet Clavaria, (7) Meadow Mushroom, (10) Common Morel, (11) Magpie Mushroom, and (12) Yellow Chanterelle. The Puff Ball and the Morel are not, strictly speaking, mushrooms, but being close fungi relatives, have been invited to the convention.

Science Source / New York Public Library

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