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Easter Puck, 1910

Entitled: "Easter Puck". Chromolithograph shows a bright red devil hiding in a garden of white Easter lilies." Puck was America's first successful humor magazine of colorful cartoons, caricatures and political satire of the issues of the day. It was published from 1871 until 1918. It was the first magazine to carry illustrated advertising and the first to successfully adopt full-color lithography printing for a weekly publication. Lilium longiflorum is known as the Easter lily because in Christianity, it is a symbol of the resurrection of Christ, which is celebrated during Eastertide. According to pious legend, after Jesus' death and resurrection, some of these beautiful flowers were found growing in the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus went to pray the night before His crucifixion. Legend has it that these flowers sprung up where drops of Jesus' sweat fell as he prayed. Illustrated by Gordon Grant for Puck and published by Keppler & Schwarzmann, March 23, 1910.

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