French Fashion, Martha Romme, 1919 - stock photo
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French Fashion, Martha Romme, 1919

Entitled: "Fructidor" (in the French Revolutionary calendar) the twelfth month of the year, extending from August 18 to September 16 from"Les douze mois de l'année" (The twelve months of the Year by Martha Romme (french designer - couturier) using the pochoir technique. Pochoir is the French word for stencil. In the 1920's and 30's Art Deco era, the color application process of the stencil was rejuvenated by the French, bringing color illustration processes for books and prints to new glorious heights. This interest in exploring the stencil process came in reaction to the proliferation of machine printing and the poor quality of color reproductions in publishing. With pochoir printing, the hand application of layers of pigment created dazzling effects that the camera or printing press could never replicate. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behavior and the newest creations of textile designers. Prior to the mid-19th century, most clothing was custom-made. It was handmade for individuals, either as home production or on order from dressmakers and tailors. By the beginning of the 20th century, with the rise of new technologies such as the sewing machine, the development of the factory system of production, and the emergence of department stores, clothing had increasingly come to be mass-produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices.

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