Gangrene of the left foot - stock photo
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Gangrene of the left foot

A male 65 years old patient, a diabetic, with complications on his left foot. The foot is swollen, the skin is red, with large beaches of dead brown skin. Wounds are deep, infected & painful, surrounded by greenish skin - typically caused by bacterial infections. The skin of the whole foot is covered with blisters filled with clear liquid content. Toes swollen & red with dark brown changes of all nail plates, of which the nail plates on the big toe and 2nd toe are completely destroyed. Necrotically destructive wounds with a defect - loss of normal tissue can be seen on his big toe and 2nd finger. They are covered with purulent yellowish crusts and in the depth of the same blood-necrotic surfaces of the deep muscular layer can be seen.

Snezana Stojanovic

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