How Will I Look In This Wig?, 1778 - stock photo
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How Will I Look In This Wig?, 1778

Entitled: "Female curiosity" showing a woman in her bedchamber with her maidservant; the woman, with her nightdress hiked up above her waist, braces herself against the bed with one knee while adjusting an enormous wig over her bare buttocks; the maidservant holds a mirror showing the woman's backside view for her to admire. On a table in the background is a bust, combs, and a brush for the wig; in the foreground, a cat with arched back hisses at the reflection in the mirror and a dog, its head hidden from view, investigates the woman's corset lying on the floor. The woman appears to be curious about how she will look to others if she wears the enormous wig. Published by W. Humphrey, December 1, 1778.

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