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James III Lands in Scotland, 1715

James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales (June 10, 1688 - January 1, 1766) was the son of the deposed James II of England and Ireland (James VII of Scotland). He was recognized as king of England, Scotland and Ireland by his cousin Louis XIV of France. Following his death in 1766, he was succeeded by his son Charles Edward Stuart in the Jacobite Succession. Although the ruling Protestant Stuarts died out with his half-sister, Queen Anne, the last remaining Stuarts were James and his sons, and their endeavors to reclaim the throne while remaining devoted to their Catholic faith are remembered in history as Jacobitism. Image taken from page 280 of "A History of England for the Young" by Henry Tyrrell, 1872, entitled: "Pretender raising his standard on his first landing in Scotland." On December 22, 1715, James finally set foot on Scottish soil following the indecisive Battle of Sheriffmuir. He soon fell ill with fever, his illness made more severe by the icy Scottish winter. Instead of going through with plans for a coronation at Scone, he returned to France. He was not welcomed on his return: his patron, Louis XIV, had died in and the French government found him a political embarrassment.

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