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Knights Jousting, 15th Century

The joust became an iconic characteristic of the knight in Romantic medievalism and hence in the depiction of the Middle Ages in popular culture. Jousting is a martial game between two horsemen and using lances, often as part of a tournament. The primary aim is to strike the opponent with the lance while riding towards him at high speed, if possible breaking the lance on the opponent's shield or armor, or unhorsing him. Jousting emerged in the High Middle Ages based on the military use of the lance by heavy cavalry. It transformed into a specialized sport during the Late Middle Ages, and remained popular with the nobility both in England and Germany throughout the whole of the 16th century. Joust between Pierre de Courtenay and the Sire de Clary. Miniature taken from Froissart's Chronicles (Volume IV, part 1). Originally published, 1470-75.

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