Long Thoracic nerve injury test - stock photo
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Long Thoracic nerve injury test

A young man, 20 years old, felt pain his the right hemithorax, following his regular gym session. The pain was also present during the rest & it intensified when inhaling the air. A traditional Thoracic nerve injury test was conducted, as shown on this photograph. The young man is facing the wall with his hands are leaning against the wall, whilst he is trying to push the wall. The muscles of the injured side lag behind and are in contraction - spasm in relation to the contralateral side. The muscles, neatly innervated on the uninjured side, transfer complete strength to the palm of the hand. The muscles of the injured side are contracted, creating a hump in the scapular and infrascapular region, which indicates an injury to the long thoracic nerve that innervates them. This test is simple & is performed routinely to save the time & cost of X-ray and diagnostic imaging.

Snezana Stojanovic

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