Lyndon B. Johnson Sworn in as President, 1963 - stock photo
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Lyndon B. Johnson Sworn in as President, 1963

Swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson as President. Left to right: Judge Sarah Hughes, Jack Valenti, Congressman Albert Thomas (behind Mrs. Johnson), Lady Bird Johnson, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lem Johns, Congressman Jack Brooks, Bill Moyers (in the back), Dr. Burkley. Johnson was sworn in as President on the Air Force One plane at Love Field in Dallas on November 22, 1963, just 2 hours and 8 minutes after John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, amid suspicions of a conspiracy against the government. He was sworn in by U.S. District Judge Sarah T. Hughes, a family friend, making him the first (and so far only) President sworn in by a woman. He is also the only President to have been sworn in upon Texas soil. In the rush, a Bible was not at hand, so Johnson took the oath of office using a Roman Catholic missal from President Kennedy's desk. Johnson being sworn in as president has become the most famous photo ever taken aboard a presidential aircraft. He was convinced of the need to make an immediate transition of power after the assassination to provide stability to a grieving nation under shock. In the days following the assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson made an address to Congress saying that "No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy's memory than the earliest possible passage of the Civil Rights Bill for which he fought so long." Photographed by Cecil Stoughton.

Science Source / LBJ Library/Cecil Stoughton

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