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Myelopathy MRI scan

MRI scan of a 52 years old male. He suffered from compression of the thorax due to a car accident, two years before this MRI scan and also had lumbar surgery, one year before the MRI scan. On this scan, we see kiohoskoliodus of the thoracic spine and diminished size of thoracic and cervical cord with C6 - C7 disco medullary conflict. One year prior to the examination, this patient developed bilateral foot drop and then wrist atrophies with sparse spontaneous activity and marked reinnervation on needle myography and motor and sensory axonopathy in legs and arms on nerve conduction studies on hands and legs with no respiratory deficiency and bulbar signs what was suspective for cervical and thoracic myelopathy after centromedullary cord infarction and Zulch syndrome.

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