Non-tuberculous Mycobacterial - NTM CT scans - stock photo
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Non-tuberculous Mycobacterial - NTM CT scans

A 56-year-old man, a non-smoker, was referred for a CT scan of the lungs due to persistent chronic cough accompanied by frothy whitish sputum. On this CT scan - axial tomogram, lung window, we can see a pronounced pleural effusion on the right with enhanced interstitial drawing and fields of "dirty" lung parenchyma - with enhanced opacification similar to "ground glass" opacification, immediately above the pleural effusion and to the left corresponding to consolidations of the lung parenchyma differential - diagnostic inflammatory etiology. Dilated segmental bronchi, "band-like" and "rail-like" bronchiectasis are present bilaterally infrahilar, dominantly on the left. Mycobacterium avium complex was successfully isolated from the sputum using Microbiological lab methods.

Snezana Stojanovic

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