Post Operative MR Spectroscopy for GBM - stock photo
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Post Operative MR Spectroscopy for GBM

This axial (cross-sectional) FLAIR MR image of the brain was performed as part of routine surveillance after craniotomy for resection of a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Multivoxel spectoscopy provided as a color map of Choline/NAA ratio is superimposed. Activity and aggressiveness of tumors correlate with increased Choline/Naa ratios. GBM are highly malignant tumors that generally lead to death in 6 months to a year. Complete resection is unusual and patients usually receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Often it is difficult to determine if the residual or new regions of abnormality on MR represent tumor or post-therapy changes. MR spectroscopy can help determine these possibilities. This spectroscopy only shows post-treatment changes without definite tumor recurrence on this slice. GBM is the most common primary brain tumor.

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