Priapism in chronic myeloid leukemia.  - stock photo
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Priapism in chronic myeloid leukemia.

Onset of priapism as complication of chronic myeloid leukemia with 350 000 leukocites per mcl in 26 years old patient. Priapism is a very rare complication in CML, resulting from efferent veins thrombosis due to hyperleukocitosis. CML is a common diesase in young patients. They apear befor the doctor with hyper leukocitosis ( neutrophilic line with shift to younger forms, some percents of blast cells, elevation of eosinofils and basofils- so called "basofilic-eosinofilic association", splenomegaly. Main point in patogenesis of CML is translocation of a part of chromosome 9:22- Ph chromosome, the first citogenetic marker of hemoblastosis. Threatment with alfa-interferon, myelosan, revolutionary transplantation of bone marrow cells reached sufficent results( In 1990, E. Donnall Thomas won a Nobel Prize for this discovery), then stem cells transplantation were completly substituted. Era of tyrosinekinase inhibitors is now in flair.

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