Primary cutaneous liposarcoma - stock photo
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Primary cutaneous liposarcoma

A 57-year-old man came in for an ultrasound examination of the soft tissues of the right upper leg and knee joint. This was caused by a non-traumatic spontaneously grown focal lesion with clear boundaries just above the knee joint, which makes it difficult for him to walk. Directly above the knee joint, from the front, we can see a focal, clearly limited induration (growth), the edge of which shows dark brown pigmentation, which is clearly visible and protrudes above the skin 20-25 mm, painless on compression with a linear probe, non-bleeding, covered with whitish deposits and nacreous crusts, under which the smooth, intact surface of the lesion can be seen. Both the ultrasound scan and the FNB (fine-needle biopsy) confirmed the case of primary cutaneous liposarcoma. Fitzpatrick skin type (FST) phototype 2.

Snezana Stojanovic

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