Solitary Cutaneous Neurofibroma (cNF) - stock photo
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Solitary Cutaneous Neurofibroma (cNF)

A 45 year old female patient. On her trunk skin, under the breasts and on the back, we can see multiple and ill-defined infiltrative lesions that tend to thicken the skin with different discoloration (from light brown to dark brown), hanging and in cluster formations, which in some instances show the effect of conglomeration. The diagnosis is - diffuse cutaneous neurofibroma. Diffuse neurofibroma is an ill-defined infiltrative lesion and tends to involve the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It produces localized thickening and induration of the skin. A neurofibroma is usually noncancerous - benign. It rarely becomes cancerous (malignant). Fitzpatrick skin type (FST) phototype 2.

Snezana Stojanovic

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