The Johnson Treatment, 1965 - stock photo
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The Johnson Treatment, 1965

President Johnson laughs with Abe Fortas. White House, Washington, DC. LBJ's ability to convince others to see things his way, vote for his legislation, serve at his command, and do what he needed them to do is so legendary that there is even a familiar description of his tactics, "the Johnson Treatment". He often used his imposing physical presence (6'4") to grab lapels, jab fingers in chests, wrap his arms on his target, and literally lean on others in order to get what he needed. The Johnson Treatment wasn't always a physical onslaught. He had an innate, often stunning ability to read the personalities of others and immediately understand exactly how to ingratiate himself with them. Abraham Fortas (June 19, 1910 - April 5, 1982) was a U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice from 1965 to 1969. As an appointee to the Supreme Court by Johnson, Fortas maintained a close working relationship with the president, and in 1968 Johnson tried to elevate Fortas to the position of Chief Justice, but that nomination faced a filibuster at least in part due to ethics problems that later caused him to resign from the Court. Photographed by Yoichi Okamoto, July 29, 1965.

Science Source / Yoichi Okamoto

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